Private Office

Best for:
- Established teams of 2-6 people
- Autonomy within community
- Team collaboration and focus

2 Person Office:
2000€/ month
4 Person Office:
4100€/ month
6 Person Office:
5100€/ month

Our lockable, private offices surrounded by glass walls can accommodate teams of 2, 4, or 6 people. They are fully furnished and include personal desks, ergonomic chairs, cabinets, whiteboards, and more. That of course all comes on top of a 24/7 access to beautifully designed meeting rooms, private phone booths, a fully stocked snack bar, free access to the events space, secure and super fast WiFi, and more amenities for your unique work space.


Fixed Desk

Best for:
- Collaboration, growth, and networking
- Startups and freelancers
- Everyday use

490€/ month

Join crypto-enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, blockchain startups, and freelancers in the Full Node open co-working area. With a fixed desk, you'll start the day in the same spot every day. Each open space membership comes with meeting rooms, a fully stocked snack bar, free access to the events space, prints and scans, 24/7 access to the building, and more.


Flexible Desk

Best for:
- Remote and part-time members
- Meetings and networking
- Satellite desks for international teams

390€/ month

You like flexibility? We totally get it. With our flexible desk plan, you come as you go—just choose an open seat in our co-working area, enjoy all amenities, and be part of our community.


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